Our Approach

Our approach is based on the fundamental goal to educate small business on how best to leverage and optimize low and no-cost technology tools and techniques to be found, look good, drive business and work efficiently.

We use a very systematic approach that is efficient and affordable to help our clients get where they need to be with their digital marketing and to streamline workflow. The process involves the following steps:

  • Determine the need
  • Understand the options
  • Decide on the action plan
  • Execute

Yes, that creates an acronym of DUDE. We prefer DUDE! As in... "Is your digital marketing dialed in to optimize your web presence, drive traffic and grow your business?" "Dude! (absolutely!) We have Syncore Media on our team"

Determine the need - Whether we're dialing in your digital marketing or helping to streamline your workflow and IT systems to save money and work more efficiently, our assessment process makes this step easy and efficient. We'll quickly determine your current state and compare with current best-practice methods, tools and techniques for your specific business and target market.

Understand the options - Armed with a comprehensive report of your current state and how you stack up to proven best-practices and what's possible, we provide you with suggestions for improvements, their cost/benefit ratio and measures for success.

Decide on the action plan - Based on our report, we'll help you develop an action plan to include:

  • Select tasks to complete based on benefits, budget and resources
  • Outline objectives and requirements for each task
  • Identify resources per task (internal, existing contractors, Syncore Media)
  • Determine task timing and dependencies
  • Set implementation plan
  • Identify measures for success

Execute - Once the Action Plan is complete, Syncore Media's project management process will ensure successful execution across all tasks keeping management informed throughout the project. Even with the best laid plans, there can be hic-ups, course corrections and changes in scope. We're fully prepared to handle these efficiently and effectively while keeping management well informed.

Don't want the full enchilada? We'll provide any aspect of the process but it needs to include the assessment and report. That's just how we roll.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Client Feedback

Dan is an extremely competent technical manager and professional. He is a gifted technologist who knows his stuff and keeps management informed about their options and the right choices to make. I was very pleased working with Dan and recommend him enthusiastically.

Terry R Bacon
President and CEO
Lore International Institute

"Dan took our virtual marketing machine (websites, email, e-newsletters, web based training and education modules, web based intellectual property) to a level never before achieved in our company’s 30 year history by drawing on his vast knowledge and experience optimizing search engine rankings, linking our sites to partners and associates, creating audio and video selections of our key IP and placing them where they needed to be to attract potential clients, and building lasting relationships with key technical services support vendors and affiliates."

Erin Patla
Director of Business Development
Being First, Inc.